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What Does BARI Mean?

We often get asked what the word "BARI" (Bāṛi) means. And why we chose it as the name of our architecture design studio. There is a town off the Eastern coast of Italy called Bari, you can take a ferry to Greece from there - I've done it! But no, this particular instance doesn't have to do with Italy but rather India. The word "Bari" in Bengali (the regional language of East India, around Calcutta/Kolkata) is the world for "Home". And quite frankly a lovely way to describe how one should feel in a space.  I was driving around with my father and he asked me what I thought about a local DC building that had a staircase made primarily of glass-block. I told him I thought it was awful, and sure enough that building is undergoing a massive renovation now. When my father asked me about the building he called...

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