Colorado Modern Custom Residential Remodel Architect

Keeping Your Home Cozy

How do we keep our home cozy through the winter? We had our first overnight frost. Aside from the unexpected snowstorm a few weeks ago. Which means that we are heading into the Hibernating season. What does this have to do with Architecture you may ask? Well, everything. Tom and I met while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. We arrived in January and left in June. Winter in Northern Europe is not pleasant at all. However, we found that many people were just as happy and active. The warmth came from their environment. This is why the concept of "Hygge" has been so popular all over the world. Most simply it describes coziness in the built environment. We have experienced first hand the impact that your environment has on happiness. So why not add a little coziness to your winter routine. Especially before daylight savings day comes. And you...

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