Building a House – Getting Started Guide

How do you get started with Building a House? We get so many emails and chats in passing about how we approach projects - so we thought it would be a great post here to share some of our starting block tasks. The BARI 'What you need Checklist': Existing Conditions drawings (if available)Building PlatNeighborhood guidelines and jurisdictions (if applicable, Home Owners Associations or Design Review Boards/Historic district guidelines)Land Assessment Site SurveyVision Board or photos of ideasProgram/wish list of spaces  The Steps to Building a House Step 1 - Site Survey Site Survey - This is where we measure and document everything that currently exists. If you have drawings of your house we still need to verify that all the dimensions are accurate before starting design. If you don't have any plans or drawings of the existing house or structure then we would need to go out to the site and measure everything. We would use...

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Colorado Modern Custom Residential Live Work Architect Floor Plan

Colorado Architects Urban Live/Work Residence

As Colorado architects, we recently completed the architectural design for a new home. This will be a sleek and modern new residence in Denver. Additionally this space also happens to be a live/work residence. Many available and urban lots in Denver, Colorado are very linear. And thus they are limiting. However this live/work courtyard-style residence sits on a very typical site for the city. We took it on as a challenge. Especially for all the people who work from home. These clients want to create a structure designed to take advantage of the walkability in this urban neighborhood. At the same time, they are also locating the businesses they run in a separate but connected space. This is important. Side Elevation - Guest Entry When thinking about planning on this site it became obvious that we needed to separate the 'work' space. Thereby providing a dedicated entry for their clients and...

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