Winter Park House Architecture & Design Progress

Winter park, Grand county, Colorado. Building a new home in the mountains is not easy but so much fun! We collaborated with Julie Doman Interior Design on this simple cabin. You remember this last post of the amazing site that we get to work with. Since that post we have made much progress on the design. Making this project much closer to getting built. These simple views from Revit are getting me excited about this project. It's going to be such an incredible place to rent as a mountain house. We are designing it for the ski season in mind. Keeping in mind hardy materials that can withstand the impact of ski boots and snow being dragged into house. Concrete floors and radiant heat were a no-brainer. But we also created extensive ski storage and boot warming space. The front of the house will be a minimalist box form and...

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New Cabin in Winter Park | Getting started with the site

We are starting to work on a new cabin in Winter Park, Colorado. Building a new cabin in the mountains of Colorado can be a daunting task. But as avid skiers, we can certainly appreciate the appeal. As architects, this is our favorite type of project. A new, ground-up building with tons of potential. While we have written about building a house, building in the mountains presents it's own unique challenges and opportunities. The largest challenge is sequencing any site work around the ground frost. Given the limited number of sitework contractors in these mountain towns, it's important to have all your ducks in a row so that contractors can hit the ground running. The ground is often frozen until May/June and starts freezing again as early as September/October. This makes winter a perfect time to design for a "Spring Start". As you can see in these photos of the...

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Vail Colorado Modern Custom Residential Remodel Architect 3D View

A Kitchen Renovation Concept Inspired By Japanese & Scandinavian Design

Elevation A kitchen renovation is one of the most common project requests that we get. Even though it's a very common request, at the start of every project we follow the same process. Information gathering. We need to find out the goals of the project, which are often related to the program, functionality, site constraints, and financial requirements. These are the real-world metrics that are going to influence the design After gathering the information we start our design process. Ever since architecture school, we found Japanese and Scandinavian design appealing. Through a kitchen renovation, we can illustrate how the tents of "Japandi" design are so classic and timeless. And why so many of their tenets are part of our core principles of design. Japanese & Scandinavian design priorities Integration with nature is supreme on the list of requirements. The connection to nature is important to create a human-centered design. Even with spaces...

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Colorado Modern Custom Residential Remodel Architect

Keeping Your Home Cozy

How do we keep our home cozy through the winter? We had our first overnight frost. Aside from the unexpected snowstorm a few weeks ago. Which means that we are heading into the Hibernating season. What does this have to do with Architecture you may ask? Well, everything. Tom and I met while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. We arrived in January and left in June. Winter in Northern Europe is not pleasant at all. However, we found that many people were just as happy and active. The warmth came from their environment. This is why the concept of "Hygge" has been so popular all over the world. Most simply it describes coziness in the built environment. We have experienced first hand the impact that your environment has on happiness. So why not add a little coziness to your winter routine. Especially before daylight savings day comes. And you...

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Building a House – Getting Started Guide

How do you get started with Building a House? We get so many emails and chats in passing about how we approach projects - so we thought it would be a great post here to share some of our starting block tasks. The BARI 'What you need Checklist': Existing Conditions drawings (if available)Building PlatNeighborhood guidelines and jurisdictions (if applicable, Home Owners Associations or Design Review Boards/Historic district guidelines)Land Assessment Site SurveyVision Board or photos of ideasProgram/wish list of spaces  The Steps to Building a House Step 1 - Site Survey Site Survey - This is where we measure and document everything that currently exists. If you have drawings of your house we still need to verify that all the dimensions are accurate before starting design. If you don't have any plans or drawings of the existing house or structure then we would need to go out to the site and measure everything. We would use...

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Colorado Modern Custom Residential Live Work Architect Floor Plan

Colorado Architects Urban Live/Work Residence

As Colorado architects, we recently completed the architectural design for a new home. This will be a sleek and modern new residence in Denver. Additionally this space also happens to be a live/work residence. Many available and urban lots in Denver, Colorado are very linear. And thus they are limiting. However this live/work courtyard-style residence sits on a very typical site for the city. We took it on as a challenge. Especially for all the people who work from home. These clients want to create a structure designed to take advantage of the walkability in this urban neighborhood. At the same time, they are also locating the businesses they run in a separate but connected space. This is important. Side Elevation - Guest Entry When thinking about planning on this site it became obvious that we needed to separate the 'work' space. Thereby providing a dedicated entry for their clients and...

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