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Colorado Modern Custom Residential Live Work Architect Floor Plan

Colorado Architects Urban Live/Work Residence

As Colorado architects, we recently completed the architectural design for a new home. This will be a sleek and modern new residence in Denver. Additionally this space also happens to be a live/work residence. Many available and urban lots in Denver, Colorado are very linear. And thus they are limiting. However this live/work courtyard-style residence sits on a very typical site for the city. We took it on as a challenge. Especially for all the people who work from home. These clients want to create a structure designed to take advantage of the walkability in this urban neighborhood. At the same time, they are also locating the businesses they run in a separate but connected space. This is important. Side Elevation - Guest Entry When thinking about planning on this site it became obvious that we needed to separate the 'work' space. Thereby providing a dedicated entry for their clients and...

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Colorado Modern Custom Residential Remodel Architect

Bright & Airy Kitchen and Family room addition

In 2017 BARI architects were commissioned to design this large home addition. The addition essentially doubled the existing residence to gain a much-needed owners suite and luxurious entertaining space. Completed in 2018 the clients exquisite taste for modern details streamlined our design decisions to deliver a signature project in the Takoma Park neighborhood in the outskirts of Washington, D.C. You may remember the project from a previous blog post where we had just framed out the kitchen and family room addition here. Or an even earlier post when we first started the project here. A long overdue update: This is one project that we are excited to share! We couldn't be happier with the final product and it is a real feature for all parties involved. Our clients are outgrowing their current space and have asked BARI to step in and help expand their environment. The single hall colonials that are...

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CorTen and Retail

The material known around the industry as Cor-Ten steel is a type of 'weathering' steel that doesn't require painting or sealing. It is a group of steel alloys which were developed to form a stable rust-like appearance.   (Studio Farris)   I remember first seeing this rusty, warm material during my time working in the mountains of Colorado. The department of highways used a version of Cor-Ten on their road wall barriers and guardrails way at the top of mountain passes - as a low fuss but great wearing material. As you can also see, architects and designers alike LOVE it. It's organic wear is so true and beautiful while you can also panelize it (since it's a metal) and create amazing compositions. It's sometimes tricky to detail in urban context as the climate, rate of oxidation and final install treatment sometimes allows it to 'stain' the adjacent horizontal surfaces (concrete, block, etc...

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Have you thought of a metal roof?

Working in the mountains of Colorado, we've utilized so many different roof pitches, styles and materials. In climates where long term durability and piece of mind reliability season after season - you can't beat what a standing seam metal roof can give you. It's like the tofu of architectural materials, you can flavor it up anyway you want. [caption id="attachment_3131" align="aligncenter" width="780"] Birdseye[/caption] For years now we've been tracking how others have been utilizing this material outside of the 'traditional' climates and uses - and I have to say we are impressed with the opportunities for design. Our clients love to select images of projects utilizing standing seam in their wish lists and we couldn't be more pumped to take it from there. The clean linear lines and lifecycle costs of this application appeal to such a wide range of project types. One application that we're starting to see more traction on is...

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