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We are starting to work on a new cabin in Winter Park, Colorado. Building a new cabin in the mountains of Colorado can be a daunting task. But as avid skiers, we can certainly appreciate the appeal. As architects, this is our favorite type of project. A new, ground-up building with tons of potential.

Winter Park Colorado Berthound Pass

While we have written about building a house, building in the mountains presents it’s own unique challenges and opportunities. The largest challenge is sequencing any site work around the ground frost. Given the limited number of sitework contractors in these mountain towns, it’s important to have all your ducks in a row so that contractors can hit the ground running. The ground is often frozen until May/June and starts freezing again as early as September/October. This makes winter a perfect time to design for a “Spring Start”.

As you can see in these photos of the site, there was around 2-3 feet of snow on the ground on the site when we did our survey. This makes it difficult for site surveyors and geotechnical surveyors to get the information they need.

Building a house in Winter Park, Colorado

New Cabin in Winter park Site location

The location of this New Cabin in Winter Park is amazing, as it’s within walking distance to downtown Winter Park, Colorado. We think that it will be very popular among AirBnB patrons as well as for the homeowner.

While the site is appealing, since it is within city limits there may be a few more local jurisdictions to appease during the planning process. Sorting and sifting through all the local regulations. Often these regulations can place restrictions on exterior lighting, materials and landscape elements.

Colorado Mountain house cabin site

We have teamed up with Julie Doman Interior Design for this project. And we will keep you posted on updates as we start finalizing the form. Having most of our architectural experience in the mountains of Vail, we are excited to head back to our passion. Mountain homes in Colorado.

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