Keeping Your Home Cozy

How do we keep our home cozy through the winter? We had our first overnight frost. Aside from the unexpected snowstorm a few weeks ago. Which means that we are heading into the Hibernating season. What does this have to do with Architecture you may ask? Well, everything.

Tom and I met while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. We arrived in January and left in June. Winter in Northern Europe is not pleasant at all. However, we found that many people were just as happy and active. The warmth came from their environment. This is why the concept of “Hygge” has been so popular all over the world. Most simply it describes coziness in the built environment.

We have experienced first hand the impact that your environment has on happiness. So why not add a little coziness to your winter routine. Especially before daylight savings day comes. And you feel like you have been robbed!

Easy steps to keep your Home Cozy

1. Fire

Whether it’s candles, a fire-pit, or a gas fireplace we all love fire. Stock up on your favorite candles. Make sure they are clean-burning candles. And if you can, support some local businesses like Denver based Sunday Candle Company. Of course, be sure to have some unscented candles around for mealtime. You don’t want those fragrances messing with the food.

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2. Lighting

Along the same lines as fire, but different. If you only have overhead can lights in your home. Or just one fixture per room, then you aren’t layering lights. The key to ambient lighting is to have different types of light. One on top of the other. Twinkly lights outside. And inside. Floor lamps, table lamps, and dimmable switches are your friends. Also, don’t forget landscape lighting too! Such an easy way to add tons of depth.

3. Home Decor

Most importantly if you’ve been waiting to tackle a room, do it before the winter. With everyone spending so much time at home it makes sense to invest in your spaces. Think of how much time you spend in each room. If you need help there are so many affordable ways to get design help. We’ve heard great things about Havenly. But of course, we will always encourage hiring a local designer to make your home cozy!

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4. Dinner Parties

Ultimately what’s the point of having a fireplace, candles, great lighting and an amazing home if you’re not going to entertain? All people in Europe having dinner parties. They sit down for long meals. This is healthy and so good for our souls. The food can be ordered in, and simple. Just don’t forget to light a candle.

13 Tips on the Art of Hosting a cozy home Dinner Party
5. Natural Materials for a Cozy Home

It’s always important to have some warm, natural tones in your house. Natural materials have a way to connect us to nature. I find it most effective when used in small ways. Small ways that are high touch features. Such as a wood cutting board or tray. Or a stone candle holder. Wood frames are an easy add. Metal is also a very potent natural material. In conclusion, you can’t go wrong with focusing on natural materials.

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6. Fresh Flowers

If you’re not in the habit of picking fresh flowers up at the grocery store weekly, maybe try it? It will make you eat at the table at the very least. When everything is gray and cloudy and cold outside, a simple bouquet can go a long way.

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Ultimately I could keep going with lots more ideas, but that’s a start. We love how our clients made their home cozy during their redesign.

All in all, what do you think? Will you try some of these tactics? I know it may seem small. But we all know that times are stressful, and if some flowers and candles help then why not try it? Let us know what you do!

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