Colorado Architects Urban Live/Work Residence

As Colorado architects, we recently completed the architectural design for a new home. This will be a sleek and modern new residence in Denver. Additionally this space also happens to be a live/work residence. Many available and urban lots in Denver, Colorado are very linear. And thus they are limiting. However this live/work courtyard-style residence sits on a very typical site for the city. We took it on as a challenge. Especially for all the people who work from home.

These clients want to create a structure designed to take advantage of the walkability in this urban neighborhood. At the same time, they are also locating the businesses they run in a separate but connected space. This is important.

Side elevation rendering of a modern colorado home by Bari architecs
Side Elevation – Guest Entry

When thinking about planning on this site it became obvious that we needed to separate the ‘work’ space. Thereby providing a dedicated entry for their clients and teams to enter. Keeping the residence private. And secure.

Additionally, Denver, Colorado has around 245 sunny days a year. And we should take advantage of that. Since we are looking at separating the program it makes so much sense to start studying courtyard typologies! Furthermore, courtyard houses allow light into the middle of the space.

Floor plans of a linear courtyard house by Bari Architects


Given that this is a very dense neighborhood. And since the neighboring buildings are very close together. The exterior material wants to be simple. And impactful. Therefore we chose a dark metal panel cladding. And a warm cedar accent palette. Ultimately it looks smart. Furthermore, it holds its presence on the block. All the while being a little bit of an icon for the business.

Designers and architects in Colorado have leaned into modern architecture. Especially in the urban areas of Denver. And we are very excited to plug into the rich texture of design that already exists in Denver. It’s right up our alley.

Bari Architects Modern and minimal residential home design Colorado
Front Elevation

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In conclusion, check out the portfolio page to learn more about this project. And stay tuned for additional posts on more technical aspects. We will explore the materials, furniture and structure for this project. With modern architecture, the devil is in the details.

As always, thanks for reading. And following along!

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