Construction on Takoma Park House Progress 1

Construction on the Takoma Park House is moving along and should be done this summer. This project is such a delight to work on and I just can’t wait to photograph the final product! We are working with the Design/Build team at J. Allan Smith from Maryland.


The site of this addition slopes steeply away from the house so the basement didn’t have to be dug out much at all. We are going with cast in place concrete for the basement. The concrete base will be painted black, but will provide some texture and create a “plinth” for the rest of the wood framed house.

Home Addition Construction Architect Maryland

Out of the ground

Fast forward a few weeks and the house has been framed! Below is a view of the back of the house. The bump out  will allow for a little extra space to stretch out. Soon the two-story bump will hold two built-in benches, one on each floor.

More photos of the interior space, this is where the benches will be. One in the kitchen and one in the Owner’s suite. The vaulted ceiling in the owner’s suite will be spectacular. The owners added some skylights to the roof so they can see straight up from the bed. I love skylights.

The punch through between old and new spaces


The Front

As of right now the front looks the same as before, but pretty soon the door will move to the right where the window is. All the windows are being replaced with black windows. Eventually the brick is going to painted a black color so it’s very tone-on-tone. The front door will be the only bright pop of color. It’s a sharp, bold move and I know it will look fantastic. I’ve thought about it obsessively and looked at every single all black townhouse on the interwebs. So excited the clients are design savvy and willing to make big bold moves.

Also, we put our first ever construction sign up, it is exciting! Hope to bring more photos as we make progress. The biggest move will be the black paint and the flower boxes in the front!


Be sure to read the upcoming posts as we follow the progress of construction!