What Does BARI Mean?

We often get asked what the word “BARI” (Bāṛi) means. And why we chose it as the name of our architecture design studio. There is a town off the Eastern coast of Italy called Bari, you can take a ferry to Greece from there – I’ve done it! But no, this particular instance doesn’t have to do with Italy but rather India.

The word “Bari” in Bengali (the regional language of East India, around Calcutta/Kolkata) is the world for “Home”. And quite frankly a lovely way to describe how one should feel in a space.  I was driving around with my father and he asked me what I thought about a local DC building that had a staircase made primarily of glass-block. I told him I thought it was awful, and sure enough that building is undergoing a massive renovation now. When my father asked me about the building he called it a “Bari”. That gave me the idea of how even a parking garage should really feel cozy, proportional, comfortable – not unlike the Danish concept of Hygge. And that’s how we got our name.


BARI Architecture architects DC MD


Stick around this area (our blog) for more of these little behind the scenes nuggets. We both have wanted to run a design firm for as long as we can remember, so this is quite fun for us! Living in the DC, Maryland area and being able to help folks improve, reinvent, renovate their homes in incredibly satisfactory as a designer!

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