Achieving a modern look with Concrete

As you know, we are major fans of anything minimal and true to it’s material nature. It brings us so much joy to see these beautiful monolithic concrete forms continue to hit high marks in design magazines and blogs. They are always top of my visual reference list when we talk modern with clients. There is something so satisfying when you experience a building like this – the wall feels like the exterior and interior at the same time. You read that material as one unifying element.

When we talk details with our clients about this look there are so many factors to tune, the most important is the climate of the project and availability of skilled craftsmen to execute the formwork and pour. I’m so jealous of our Japanese colleagues who are able to perfect these poured in place concrete walls as a true one lift pour. Lucky for us there are products out there that help us achieve this look in climates that require a higher ‘R’ insulation value. That basically means we have to insert a secondary level of insulation within the wall – usually rigid panels. This allows the concrete to maintain it’s structural integrity acting as a exterior wall while allowing the interior to also have a true concrete finish and we can meet the required R-value for the building envelope. There are so many flavors of options out there for cast in place sandwich insulation to insulated precast concrete panels, your sure to find one that fits your project!

If your interested in finding out more about these processes, we built up our resources from our friends at the Concrete Foundations Association and American Society of Concrete Contractors.


Cover image credit: (Wespi de Meuron Romero)

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