Have you thought of a metal roof?

Working in the mountains of Colorado, we’ve utilized so many different roof pitches, styles and materials. In climates where long term durability and piece of mind reliability season after season – you can’t beat what a standing seam metal roof can give you. It’s like the tofu of architectural materials, you can flavor it up anyway you want.

For years now we’ve been tracking how others have been utilizing this material outside of the ‘traditional’ climates and uses – and I have to say we are impressed with the opportunities for design.

Our clients love to select images of projects utilizing standing seam in their wish lists and we couldn’t be more pumped to take it from there. The clean linear lines and lifecycle costs of this application appeal to such a wide range of project types. One application that we’re starting to see more traction on is the vertical wall application. Simple enough to detail on our end but really changes how you can start to look at a buildings mass and envelope relationship. Not to mention it is butter smooth on that continuous surface look.




Cover image credit: (State of Art Academy’s Masterclass #24)

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